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About The Brand

Haute Filth: a brand marrying urban culture and modern designs through progressive imagery. Conceived in the heart of the bay area, Haute Filth pushes the envelope and deviates from the norm by embracing fashion as the pinnacle of it's ideology while remaining loyal to the rawness of the streets.

Since 2011, we have been dedicating ourselves to injecting the highest quality and craftsmanship into our apparel. As a result, our brand is continuing to turn heads and raising eyebrows in the industry.



Yasir Mahmood born in Bradford, England a place that is one of the havens for textile manufacturing of wool, has a honest connection to the roots of his humble beginnings. Manufacturing & Style is embedded in the very make up of his hometown which inevitably become a burning passion for him. Later relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, where trendy music, style, architectural design and culture captivates the world sending many travels west of the USA to get a first hand look. In 2011, he created a brand named "Haute Filth" which stands for high end quality with grudge street wear appeal. He began self teaching & mastering the art of Silk Screen printing in the garage of his families home, where neighbors would complain about the countless nights of pressure washers running and ink spilling in the cities drains. After a year of threats of eviction he decided to move location in which now is the Haute Filth Headquarters in Hayward, California. Since those humble beginnings and pains of building start up company, he has gathered clients from some of the biggest companies in the area such as Kaiser Hospital, AT&T, Amazon, and many other local businesses in the community. Haute filth isn't just a brand, it's a staple of the community for manufacturing needs that allows smaller visionaries to heavy hitting cooperations to see there apparel  needs come to life. The Haute Filth company has grown from silk screen t-shirts to cut and sew basics, 5 panel hats, bomber jackets to gym bags and shoes. In just 5 short years Haute Filth has become one of the Bay Area and beyonds one stop shop for style and manufacturing, staying true to Bradfords very origin. 







The lion logo.

Lion is a majestic symbol, king of the jungle, prideful but people don’t see the beauty in that because all they see if a fearsome furious powerful beast. = misunderstood

Rose = a symbol of love and care for the everything all aspects of life

Crack = represents no matter how hard you work theres always something there that will try and break you

The crown = remaining prideful and being the king of my hustle






The Promo lpgo was the first logo introduced and represents uniqueness and simplicity. The crown symbol represents power and victory in all aspects of life and hardships.